Xbox One

The Xbox is a great console however there’s lots compared to could go wrong and Xbox repair works can amount to as long as $150 plus delivery and handling – significance you could be without your Xbox for weeks. There are some basic actions you can require to deal with typical problems and protect against the dreaded band of fatality.

Red Band Of Death/3 Red Lighting

This has to do with the worst point that can occur to your Xbox – avoid it by keeping it in a well-ventilated area and devoid of dust. If this occurs you can try changing off the console, unplugging all cables, switching it back on and reconnecting cables.

If this doesn’t aid subsequently you’ll need to give Microsoft a telephone call and request a repair, if you still have your service warranty. If not – try cleansing it inside and out, however know that opening up the Xbox will nullify your service warranty.

E74 Error/1 Red Light

This can be triggered by a hardware fault in the scaler chip that regulates the graphics. Try the idea for the ring of fatality – turning off the console, unplugging all cable televisions, switching it back on and reconnecting cable televisions.

If it’s still happening maybe a trouble with among the devices, so try turning off the console, disconnecting all operators, memory cards, hard disk, etc and switching it back on. If the error has gone subsequently the issue is with one of the add-ons.

If not you will certainly need to send a repair work request to Microsoft.

2 Red Lights

This is induced by overheating and you can fix it by changing the console off and permitting it cool for a couple of hrs. Make certain your Xbox is in a well-ventilated location, this way you can avoid overheating and the red band of fatality.

4 Red Lighting

This means the AV cable is not affixed or otherwise being found.

Unplug and reconnect the AV cable and ensure the biggest component of it is almost touching the console.

Xbox repair works can take weeks and be very costly, so see to it you take steps to prevent them.

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