Video Game Gifts Shopping Guide 2013

The holiday season is here, and with Christmas quickly approaching we thought we’d give you some ideas for great video game gifts to satisfy the whole family. Use this list to find a great gift for the significant other in your life, or slide it under the door while they’re in the bathroom to drop some subtle hits for gifts for yourself.

1) Sony PS4 Skins – $29.99

You have a shiny new PlayStation 4 at home, but every time you see it you think to yourself, “I wish there was a way to express my individuality through my gaming console!” Well, you’re in luck, because Decal Girl has an array of PS4 skins to customize to any taste.

2) Astro A30 League of Legends Edition Headset – $99.99

Is someone you love a die-hard League of Legends fan? Does he or she wish they had a pair of fashionable headwear to listen to the sounds of their epic Pentakills? Then visit the Astro Gaming website to order the limited edition Astro A30 Headset which features the League of Legends and Riot Games logos.

3) Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – Edward Kenway Dress Shirt and Cufflinks – $89.99

Not everyone can be a pirate, but now you can feel like one even in the most formal of places. The Edward Kenway Dress Shirt on the Ubi Workshop website features skulls on the inner side of the shirt, allowing the wearer to be business on the outside, pirate on the inside.

If you’re buying for the lovely lady in your life, you may want to check out…

4) Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – Ottoman Necklace and Earrings – $59.99

Stylish, elegant, and kick-ass. There’s no reason that you can’t rep your favorite video game series during the opera or a high stakes business meeting. Click here to enter the Ubi Workshop website and check out these earrings for yourself.

5) Legend of Zelda Wedding Rings

You’ve found the one, your permanent Player 2, the only one to make your Half-Life whole, and you want to surprise them with a holiday proposal. Takayas Custom Jewelery can provide the perfect engagement and wedding rings to satisfy any gaming couple. The Legend of Zelda Wedding Collection includes beautiful rings that feature the Hyrule Royal Crests and Hylian Shield.

Before you know it, though, you’ll need to pick up…

6) Bioshock Infinite Songbird Plushie – $55.00

“Songbird, Songbird, see him fly. Drop the children from the sky. When the young ones misbehave, escorts children to their grave.”

Although the Columbia children’s nursery rhyme is pretty grim, the little ones in your life are sure to be excited for the Bioshock Infinite Songbird Plushie. Just be sure not to lock them away in a tower with only Songbird as a friend.

Hopefully you’ve come away with some great ideas from reading our 2013 Video Game Gifts Shopping Guide. Do you know of any cool video game swag that didn’t make the list? Let us know in the comments, and Happy Holidays!

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