Minecraft hits the PS3 this week!

The wait is over; all you North American PS3 owners can now own the sandbox indie game Minecraft, available on the PSN store on December 17th. And Europe? Well I do feel for you folks, you guys will have to wait until December 18th. Tough break.

Mojang’s Owen Hill stated that the PlayStation 3 version will have the same content as the other console versions, and added that they will be pretty much identical to play. Downloadable skins and textures will also be available on the PSN store soon after release.

The phenomenon Minecraft has to date sold over 33 million copies across all platforms . This release comes nearly a year and a half after the Xbox 360 release, so those in the Sony camp are admittedly pretty late to the party.

There are still no figures given for a PS4 and PS Vita release, however development will be back on track now that the PS3 version is complete. It is likely that we will see the game be released sometime in 2014, with Hill still unsure of whether there will be any cross-compatibility with the PlayStation 3 version.

There has been no indication of how much the game will cost, but I’m presuming it will be roughly about the same price as the Xbox 360 version, which currently is $19.99.

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