Namco Bandai announces Tales of Zestiria

Fans of Namco Bandai’s long running and highly popular Tales series have reason to be feeling festive; a new entry into the series has been announced for the PS3, entitled Tales of Zestiria. The new installment will be the fifteenth game in the fantasy RPG franchise, its predecessor being Tales of Xillia 2. The game will be released simultaneously in Japan, America and Europe, possibly next year, marking the first time a Tales game has been announced for both Japan and the west at the same time.

As the logo suggests, the story is set to focus around dragons, that most underused of fantasy tropes, and this latest tale is set on the war-torn (naturally) continent of Glynnwood. Series producer Hideo Baba has said that the new game will feature a new battle system which has been implemented after Namco evaluated community feedback via a survey. If only all games producers listened to their fans so diligently…

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