Walking Dead: Season Two trailer is here!

The highly anticipated Walking Dead: Season Two (Episode One) trailer is finally here!

After an impressively strong showing, Telltale Games is closer than ever to dropping the sequel to one of the hottest games of 2013. The story continues that of the apocalyptic orphan Clementine battling elements of the ever terrifying zombie infested planet, and as always, your decisions affect the outcome of the game. As for the trailer, it is visually and audibly put together well causing that gaming adrenaline to pump.

[embedded content]

Telltale Games is still waiting on confirmation for a release date but in the meantime save up your money for the digital download of 5 episodes or the $22.49 for all the episodes when available. Walking Dead: Season Two (Episode One) will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac and iOS.

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