Steam Sales coming soon – We’ll make sure you don’t buy the wrong things

In the past year, Steam has gained almost 30% more members. That’s quite a bit of new people. While some were present for the Steam Summer Sale that occurred just under six months ago, some are completely new to the ideas and ways of Valve’s digital service spectacular. While we will be posting constantly about the Steam Autumn (and Winter) Sales, there are some important things that you should know about each Steam Sale. So here are some tips to help all the newcomers as the next Steam Sales are rumored to show up possibly even tomorrow.

Fill up your Wishlist

One of the easiest ways to make sure you get some excellent deals is to get the games you want to save money on into your wishlist. To get started, just search for a game like you normally would on Steam, then to the right of where you would normally purchase the game should be the option to add it to your wishlist. Now you will be alerted VIA email when one of your games goes on sale. Also, if you have generous friends, they can see what you have in your wishlist and they might just gift the game to you.

Daily Deals, Flash Deals, Community Deals, and Consistent Deals

Steam has three different types of deals that you can take advantage of during any big Steam Sale. While you are almost guaranteed to save money compared to purchasing games while a Steam Sale is not taking place (which DOES happen), you can always save more money if you are patient enough to wait just a few more days (or sometimes even just a few more hours).

Daily Deals happen at about 12pm CST each day of the sale. These deals are the headliners of the Steam Sale. During the last Summer Sale, Valve tossed out Bioshock Infinite for $25 as a daily deal when it had only been out for just a quarter of a year.  Each day, shortly after the new deals are announced, we’ll post with opinions about each game, if it can/has been found cheaper, and if it’s worth your hard-earned coin.

Flash Deals aren’t games that run only on Adobe Flash. So you can breathe easy now. Flash Deals are like Daily Deals just… quicker. Not only are they quicker, but they are usually some of the best deals you can find during the Steam Sales if that game you really wanted wasn’t part of the Daily Deal party. These sales run for hours at a time and usually feature three games/bundles. Sometimes, these deals aren’t perfect. Don’t worry, we will help you. This is where people who really love to make their pennies count show up (including myself). These deals do happen even during the late hours of the night, but don’t worry, we will still have you covered!

Community Deals are the last resort deals that you can find. As it sounds, the community votes on which of three deals to apply. Whichever deal gets the most votes, becomes a special that everyone can enjoy. While every once in awhile these can be good deals, usually they are just filler. Nevertheless, be sure to vote each time as Steam has a habit of rewarding you with things later for voting. We will be here to suggest which items to vote on and which ones to boo at as you stare into your monitor.

Consistent Deals are just deals that stick around for the duration of the Steam Sale. These deals aren’t the best but they are plentiful as any game that has been out for over six months gets a 25%-75% discount. DO NOT buy a game that has been a Consistent Deal unless it is the last day. Many people hop onto Steam on the first day and see that Portal/Portal 2 bundle for $10 and snatch it up only to find out a day later that it has become part of a flash-deal for only $5.

If you miss a Daily Deal or Flash Sale, just wait. The best Daily Deals and Flash Sales show back up on the last day for everyone to get another chance at cheap gaming goodness.

Buying a game you aren’t sure you want

There will be times when you see a game you have been slightly interested in but just don’t want to drop money on, even if it is 75% off. What happens if you buy it and you end up regretting it later? Well, there is a small thing you can do to extend that time of thought while still cashing in on the sale. When purchasing the game, buy it as a gift and toss it into your inventory. While the game is in your inventory you can ponder as to whether or not you want to play it. If you install the game, it’s yours to keep but if you decide not to install it and that you just aren’t interested anymore then you can send it off to someone or maybe use it for trade.


That about sums up everything you need to know about the way of Steam Sale purchasing. Will your bank account deflate some or your wallet feel suddenly lighter after the next few weeks? Of course. But you’ll thank us for it when you realize how much more you saved after these tips are put to use. See you tomorrow where we will be posting the first set of deals for the Steam Autumn Sale which is rumored to run from Nov. 27 through Dec. 3 and then the Steam Winter Sale which is also rumored to run from Dec. 19 til Jan. 2.

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