Castlevania remix EP released just in time for Halloween

GameChops, a videogame remix record label, has just released the new EP VLAD: a four part tribute to early, NES-era Castlevania music (aka some of the bestest 8-bit music ever!). The original Castlevania came out on the NES way back in the 80′s, and many of the tracks from the first games have been referenced in subsequent titles in the series for the last 25 years. If you were a child growing up playing the NES back in the day, you will recognize the tracks from VLAD immediately.

Electronic producer and jazz musician Joshua Morse has designed the music for VLAD, remixing such classics as “Bloody Tears” and “Vampire Killer” to create a unique sound that is both familiar and new to gamers who grew up with Castlevania; not bad for Mr. Morse, seeing as this is his first time delving into the world of electronic dance music. GameChops has a reputation for releasing quality remixes, and VLAD certainly seems to be one of them, especially since it was mixed and mastered by sound engineer Andrew Richards (virt, Chibi-Tech, Super Square).

VLAD can be downloaded from both Bandcamp and Loudr right now. Give it a listen if you like reimaginings of classic tunes that you can bump your butt to, just like I am doing at this very moment!

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